Monday, 21 April 2014

American Marine Coverings, a new way for your boats

Well, if you are in search for upholstery for marine or boats you have to go through this article to reach the proper place. This is American Marine Coverings, the leading marine upholstery company in USA. You may need a boat cover or some boat upholstery or may be cushions or frame etc. whatever it may be, American Marine Coverings will be providing you all that you need. This is one boat upholstery company that is considered to be one of the best in all over the world. Whatever is needed for your boat, you’ll get that here. They will just take your boat’s name and embossing will be done directly.

Boat upholstery service is successfully executed by American Marine Coverings everyday. Nautical pillows which have invisible zippers have become very famous. The company also offers the embossed boat’s name. The embossing is mainly done on the vinyl. The result of embossing is absolutely marvelous. American Marine Coverings is a solution to the concern for both upholstery for boats and upholstery for marine. Boat covers, sailboat dogers, boat mats, bimini and shades all are produced by American Marine Coverings. Covers, cushions, and upholstery everything for the nautical transport is available here.

The company is successful serving its clients whole heartedly. Satisfaction of the customers is what they want the most. Custom upholstery for boats you can get from this company only. They offer you set of cushions that are custom-made. The cushions are for your boats, patio or ships. Cushions and other need of upholstery are customized by them on the account of the demand of the clients. You will surely get here what exactly you need. Our professional team works hard to satisfy all their customers. The foam and fabrics that are provided by them are actually the best in quality. Along with this the materials, needed for grading the marine are also the best in form. Customers can not complaint against any of the products offered by them.

American Marine Coverings not only decorates and deals with the boats and marine. It also deals with the recovering of furniture. If you need to give the furniture a new look or you are in need of prolonging its life the company is there to fulfill your demand. Just a fabrication to make a design is also successfully done by them. Prices are not very high as well. You could have spent the same amount of money with other company but the result would not at all be the same as it is offered by American Marine Coverings. Now you just need to decorate your marine or boats or furniture and in order to do that you have to give a call to American Marine Coverings right now.

To get the utmost satisfaction of your upholstery, you can contact with our expert engineers, who will guide you with the proper suggestions and estimated cost as well. You must know the pricing beforehand of starting the work on your favorite boat or yacht. How will you get in touch with them? Just visit the website of American Marine Coverings and get their numbers and e-mail ids.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Custom boat covers to protect to increase the life of your boat

Why you need custom boat covers
Like a car a boat is also a precious asset whether use it commercial purpose or keep it for personal use. It needs a lot of care and attention to extend the life of your boat and getting custom boat covers is one of the first and foremost thing to do. A boat cover simply protects the exposed top side and interior of your boat from weather and sun damage. A custom boat cover is tailored after proper measurement of the boat so that it perfectly covers your boat. A high quality custom canvas cover for boats helps to protect your investment for a long time. The choice of boat covers depends on several factors climatic condition, storage option and travel conditions being primary among others. 

Choose replacement boat covers depending on the climate
A cotton fabric cover is breathable but can only protect the boat from dust and direct sun light. But it is of no use in rain. Those who live in dry or sunny weather need custom canvas cover for boats s as thick canvas will easily protect the boat from dust, sun heat, occasional drizzles and other mild environmental impacts. If you live in a region such as Florida where seasonal heavy rainfall in is common or if your storage place has damp environment you would need custom boat covers made of acrylic or polyester.  Such materials, basically moisture proof, are treated with solutions dye to make them breathable. Off-season rainfall is the most damaging thing for your boats. Use replacement boat covers that are coated with moisture resistant Ultra Violet coating solutions which gives protection from bother water and sun damage in one go.  

Benefits of Replacement canvas boat covers
You would want to protect your boat from any sort of external damage. It can be mold and mildew rotting the surface of the vessel. It could be corrosion from wind. It could be constant sunlight to evaporate the moisture from wooden boats and cause cracks and fade the color of the vessel. Pests can get into the unreachable nooks and corners of your boat and destroy its interior. Replacement canvas boat covers are ideal option to protect your boat. Moreover, they come in different colors and style to suit the style and structure of your boat. Canvas covers are adjustable and retractable, so that you can show off your beautiful boat and cover it up whenever your want. 

Buy boat covers for sale online
When it comes to cost the price of boat covers vary depending on the material, size and style of the protective covering. You can get storage covers in average price of 1300 to 1500 USD, while travel boat cover can cost a bit higher with base price 1400 USD. However, buying boat covers for sale online can reduce the cost considerably. At American Marine Coverings you will find a variety of discount canvas boat covers, bimini tops, and retractable awnings for boats. They offer Sunbrella discount boat covers that keep out mold, moisture and dust and keeps it ready to sail anytime.  You can visit  to check out your options and get a quote.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ensure Maximum Protection for Boats with Custom Boat Covers

Boating is an enduring American passion for the entire family; come summer and it is hard to resist the attraction of a boating holiday! However, with boats needing to be kept in storage most of the time, it is essential to keep these extremely expensive investments under proper cover to prevent damage from the elements.

For those who enjoy the allure of the open water for sailing or fishing, there is very little to match the pleasure of a boating holiday. If the family joins in, then it is celebration time with a whole assortment of water sports for great and wholesome relaxation. With boats representing a significant investment, it is but natural to be worried about keeping them safe and protected from the weather when not in use. Custom boat covers are the ideal way of protecting the boat when in storage.

Keep Boats Safe with Custom Boat Covers

Since it is very likely, there will be no covered space available; boats would need to be kept out in the open and thus the need for custom boat covers to protect the interiors and the top exterior from a whole host of potential damage that can arise from rain or snow, excessive sunshine, hailstorms, dust & debris, not to speak of messy bird poop. American Marine Coverings manufactures some of the best and most durable boat covers for sale online that can keep the boats safe and secure.

The Benefits of Replacement Boat Covers

The principal advantage of replacement boat covers is that they safeguard the considerable investment made in the purchase of a boat. Kept out in the open for most of the year, the vessels have a propensity to being damaged by the weather; excessive sunshine is as bad as heavy rainfall or snow. Boat covers also protect the interiors form the accumulation of dust and debris as well as the fading of the exterior and interiors from the ultraviolet radiation of sunshine.

Selecting Discount Canvas Boat Covers

When looking out for replacement canvas boat covers make sure that they are strong enough to protect the boat throughout the year. Selecting a cover from American Marine Coverings is an automatic guarantee that the purchase confirms to the best standards of manufacture using highest-quality materials so that the boat looks as good covered as on the water.

Get Great Value with Discount Boat Covers

American Marine Coverings specializes in the manufacture of boat covers that are the last world in boat protection. The secret to custom boat covers that fit exactly the dimensions of the boat lies in the expertise of the company’s highly-skilled and experienced designers who take cognisance of the boat’s individual measurements to build a template over which the actual cover is tailored. Covers extending beyond the waterline can be ordered on request. Each cover is reinforced and shields the boat entirely from bow tip to the engines at the stern. A number of options of fixing the covers are also offered by the master craftsmen at American Marine. Explore the many options of custom boat covers by visiting, call (305) 889-5355 or drop in at the office of American Marine Coverings at 1065 SE 9th Court, Hialeah, Miami, FL 33010.

Author: Jeremy Mathias is the editor of a popular website on recreational boating and water sports. During his career of over 30 years Jeremy has had extensive experience working for a number of leading boat manufacturers and repairers. While not advising boat owners on how to get the best out of boats, Jeremy loves to go on fishing trips.